Scream All Night Review



Title: Scream All Night
Derek Milman
YA Contemporary
Hardcover, 389 pages
Goodreads page


Dario Heyward grew up at Moldavia Studios where cult classic B-horror movies are filmed. But it’s been years since he’s seen the studio after getting emancipated from his father, the Moldavia film’s famous director. Dario receives a phone call from his brother that forces him to return home. He expects this to be a one-time visit, but he’s quickly pulled back into Moldavia’s world. As Dario tries to save Moldavia, he’s forced to confront the demons from his past.

My Review

This book blew me away.

I wanna start by saying this book is misclassified on Goodreads. Goodreads has it labeled as a horror book at that is absolutely not the case. This is 100% a coming of age contemporary that happens to take place at a horror movie studio. Nothing scary or creepy actually happens in this.

Alright, with that out of the way let’s get right into the lists.

What I Loved

  1. Moldavia Studios might be one of my favorite settings of all times. I need this place to be real so I can go visit. Milman painted such an amazing, atmospheric place for this book. Not only is the castle itself beautiful depicted but everything around it was too.
  2. This book is SO funny! Without being too spoiler-y, the opening part of the book when Dario returns home to see his father gave me all the bad horror movie vibes. I couldn’t stop laughing at the ridiculousness. And Oren’s, Dario’s brothers, script of Ciller Cauliflowers is one of my favorite chapters of all time. If nothing else, read this book for the Ciller Cauliflower portions. Trust me.
  3. I loved the friendship between Dario and his roommate Jude. And Jude was probably one of my favorite characters in this. I loved how they supported and helped each other. And I’ve never read any book where 2 male characters were this open with each other.
  4. Dario and Hayley are precious.

What I Didn’t Like

  1. I want to know what happens next.

But I seriously have nothing to put here. Hence the 5 star rating.

I have a feeling this will be my favorite book of October – although I have a lot left on my TBR so who knows. Have you read this? Did you love it as much as me? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


The Ocean at the End of the Lane Review



Title: The Ocean at the End of the Lane
Neil Gaiman
Audiobook, 5 hours 49 min
Goodreads page


A middle aged man returns to his home town for a funeral. While there, he stops at the place where his childhood home once was and finds himself visiting the farm at the bottom of the lane. While sitting at pond behind the old farm house memories from his childhood start flooding back – magical, dark memories about a girl named Lettie Hempstock who used to live at the farm with her mother and grandmother.

My Review

This book is dark, magical, and strange. And I loved it.

The audiobook is narrated by the author, Neil Gaiman, and I thought he did a really great job. I was engaged in the story from the very beginning and found myself thinking about this story when I wasn’t listening to it.

It starts off with the main character who is unnamed, returning to his home town. He visits a farm house near his childhood home he remembers visiting as a child. Here he sits out back by the pond trying to figure out why he was drawn here. I don’t want to go into too much detail about the plot because this book is really short. So here’s my thoughts.

What I Loved

  1. The atmosphere of this book was so dark and mysterious. This was my first Neil Gaiman book but I’ve heard all of this books are really atmospheric. The farm and area surrounding it were really mysterious and magical. I thought Gaiman did a great job of explaining what was happening without taking away the magical-ness of the setting.
  2. I fell in love with the Hempstock family. They were easily my favorite characters in this book. They were so much fun and I loved the dynamic between all three women.
  3. Ursala. Monkton. Holy crap, what a creepy, well written villain.

What I didn’t Like

  1. There wasn’t much I didn’t like about this book, but the unnamed main character was probably the weakest part. I did really like that book was written from the perspective of a child. But overall the main character was a little boring.

Overall I loved this audiobook. The narration itself was great, and the story was a perfect, atmospheric, October read.

If you’ve read this, let me know what you thought!

Spookathon TBR

It’s Spookathon time again! One year ago I started my bookstagram account specifically to participate in this readathon. For those that don’t know, Spookathon is the annual readathon hosted by Books and Lala and it’s all about reading spooky books and thrillers. Spookathon runs from October 15 – October 21. If you’re looking to get into the Halloween spirit, I definitely recommend joining this readathon!

There is a group book as well as reading challenges. This year the group book is Toil & Trouble: 15 Tales of Women & Witchcraft. If you’re trying to find a book that knocks out as many challenge as possible, definitely pick this one up! It covers every challenge expect Read a Thriller.


Here are all the challenges and books I’m trying and read this week!

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Top Ten Tuesday: Big Books

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018.

I wasn’t planning to do this today but I saw this prompt and got super curious about my longest book. It was pretty underwhelming unfortunately as I guessed most of them. But I thought I’d follow A Court of Crowns and Quills’ lead, and do 5 big books I’ve read and 5 on my TBR.

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The Bat (Harry Hole #1) Review



Title: The Bat
Jo Nesbo
Paperback, 369 pages
Goodreads Page


Harry Hole is a Norwegian detective that is sent to Australia after a minor Norwegian celebrity is murdered. Even though Harry is instructed to stay on the sidelines, he quickly befriends the lead detective, Andrew, and becomes wrapped up and drawn into the case. As the investigation continues, they discover this is just the most recent in a string of murders.

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RIP Readathon TBR

I love readathons. I love the reading challenges. I love trying to make TBR’s to fit the challenges. In fact, sometimes I make TBRs for readathons I’m not even able to participate it… because I’m crazy.

This October I’m planning to participate in as many as I can, starting with the RIP (Read in Peace) readathon hosted by the Creating & Co. Book Club. This book club was started by a planner shop owner and avid reader Paige Tapley (check out her blog and YouTube channel too!). This book club hosts readathons, group reads, and challenges throughout the year so I definitely recommend checking it out!

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October TBR

It’s October and that means it’s time for all the witchy, spooky, Halloween-y books! I’m a huge chicken and horror is definitely not my genre. But I’ve been in SUCH a mood for mysteries and thrillers. So I’ve loaded my TBR with pretty much every one on my Goodreads Want to Read shelf. Which means my TBR is crazy out of control.

I’m planning to take part in 3 readathons (because apparently I’m feeling overly ambitious this month) and have specific TBR’s set aside for those that I’ll share as they get closer. So this list is just the books I want to squeeze in during the first week and last few days of the month.

I normally read like 8-12 books a month so it should be interesting to see how much of this I’m able to finish!

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